Los Angeles Rams 2023

Kingfish: The story of Kenny Washington is the story of triumph, patience and will. We were honored to work alongside the Los Angeles Rams to tell the story of an icon and celebrate their diverse legacy as an organization. We are proud to work with the NC based production company & family Loyd visuals, as well as writer/filmmaker Bruklyn Miller, playwright / HBCU legend Lynn Thompson and animator Chris Bell. This is US telling OUR stories, which is our responsibility and we do it with authenticity and pride. Support and enjoy!

Client/Partner: @rams

Creative Agency: @theblkoriginals

Production Agency: @loydvisuals

Original Concept: @jastheecreative + @samhoggs + @theblkoriginals

Executive Producers: @samhoggs + @jastheecreative

DP/Editor: @maleekloyd

Director: @jhicks_0113

Producer: @khaleel.loyd

Writers: @xbrukyn + @lynnthompsonad

Rams Brand Partners: @rachelzisman + @tiras.holi

Rams Video Producers: @real.youngog_@samlack13

B Cam Op: @kaya_roy

AC: @arty_miss98

Gaffer: @keithnixonjr

Sound Mixer: @elliphobia

Animator: @zcibzpro

Colorist: @patricklebby

Re-recording mixer: @cgaddis_

Behind The Scenes Photos:

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